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Welcome to Contact-link 康泰精密有限公司

Company management policy:
Kangtai Precision Co., Ltd. is a Taiwanese manufacturer mainly engaged in design, R&D and manufacturing. It specializes in the production of industrial machine internal wiring and home appliance industry internal line group and multimedia peripheral high-speed transmission line group. The products include WIRE HARNESS, USB2.0/3.0 data transmission line. And multimedia audio and video data lines VGA, DVI, HDMI.DISPLAY CABLE, and RF CABLE and Netcom products are mainly used. And agent AC POWER CORD power cord set

康泰精密有限公司以設計研發及製造生產為主的台灣製造商,專門生產工業機器內部配線及家電業內部線組及多媒體周邊運用之高速傳輸線組,產品包含WIRE HARNESS、USB2.0/3.0數據傳輸線及多媒體影音數據線VGA,DVI,HDMI.DISPLAY CABLE、及RF CABLE與網通產品用線為主.並代理AC POWER CORD電源線組 。

Mauris justo

  • Increase customer added value.
  • Provide a global solution.
  • Promote the globalization of business development.

Business philosophy

  • integrity, service, quality, professional, active, innovation
    Quality policy:
    • Satisfy customers needs
    • Compliance with regulatory requirements
    • Full participation
    • Continuous improvement, excellence
  • 經營理念:
  • ( 誠信 、 服務 、 品質 、 專業 、 積極 、 創新 )
  • 品質政策:
    • 滿足顧客需求
    • 符合法規要求
    • 全員參與
    • 持續改善,精益求精

Magnis hendrerit erat

In the spirit of excellence, continuous research and development of improved products and improvement of manufacturing technology and customer support and affirmation, providing customer system integration, product comprehensive service spirit, making the company a good professional Taiwan manufacturing plant and agent..